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Jeck Manliquez

Jeck Manliquez is a Manila-based street photographer who captures intimate yet revealing photographs of human beings interacting with the city they live in. He aims to tell stories about people and their unique situations. He mainly shoots traditional color or black and white film for his personal projects, and digital for his freelance work.

Jeck has been shooting since 2007 and is highly-devoted to the art of street photography. He frequents Quiapo, Avenida, and Binondo area, and spends a lot of time with his mentors and friends continuously learning the art of photography. He has already attended various workshops and has been a participant of several group exhibits organized by various non-government organizations.


Artist Statement:

"These photographs were taken in the Circular Train in Yangon, Myanmar in 2015. This series shows the scenes on a train traveling around the city for three hours and depicts mundane everyday lives of the locals in Yangon.

For me it's a different experience not only being on a train seeing cityscapes, but also observing people and looking at the hive of activities that goes around inside and outside. Looking at the photos still takes me back to that time and space."

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