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Mary Whitney

Mary Whitney is a visual artist based in Manila.
Some of her works can be seen here:



Artist Statement:

"The story of Adam and Eve is wildly popular because of the wrong plot twists: the interference of temptation, the downfall of the first humans, and the casting away by Our Creator. Though fascinating indeed, this bad publicity had us obsessing over the power of darkness. What we overlooked here is that this exquisite tale articulates man’s need to aspire for freedom, innocence, and lightness.

These photos try to capture this missing point. Entitled Placid Reflex, this series evokes a certain sense of isolation, an intimate dialogue between the vast unknown and the heart. My objective is to let each frame awash you with lucid calmness – a static reminder that life doesn’t need to be saturated with flashy hues and ominous tone to be stimulating.

The photographs display a subtlety we usually miss in places we visit --- in this case, the sea. Rich in negative space, the images in turn reiterate the need for positivity, or a hopeful twist, perhaps.

Such irony exists when you are in pursuit of lightness. Of freedom. Of innocence.

Let the images stir that need anew."

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