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Mitch Meñez

Mitch Meñez refuses to follow rules. She thinks rules are put in place to contain people and keep them living and functioning in pre-fabricated boxes of life.

Get a degree. Get a job. Get a car. Get married. Have kids. Die.

She would rather do whatever it is she wants. Whether it be in photos or words.

Capture beauty.

Mitch captures beautiful things. She also lets them free. Free to be what they are. And owned by yet another.

So look at the pictures she took. They are beautiful. They were hers. Now they're yours.


Artist Statement:

"These photos were taken over a span of 2 years. In different places of the Philippines and different times in my life. As a freelance news agent covering Yolanda survivors relocated to Cavite. As a writer for a government agency, inspecting the conditions of workers in a community run plant. As a lost tourist in one of our many islands.

Not taken for documentation but for desire. There were images I wanted to take."

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