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Nestor Los Añes Jr.

Nestor Los Añes Jr. is a rare-breed jack of all trades. He is currently shuffling multiple jobs as an IT officer, NGO consultant, social enterprise co-founder of Katutubong Kamay, musician, and a freelance event photographer.

He got into photography by accident when he was invited as a guest during a friend's wedding. He brought a Nikon D5000, along with his favorite walkaround lens, a Sigma 18-250 lens. After the wedding he found out that he had better shots than the one hired by his friend. From that point on, as others would say, the rest was history.

Some of his works are also here: https://www.facebook.com/LaroAtLente/

ARTer-ego: https://www.facebook.com/middlechildph/
Social Enterprise: http://katutubongkamay.com/



Artist Statement:

"I became part of a social enterprise (Katutubong Kamay) wherein what I thought my only duty was to train people and help them put up a small-scale livelihood for the indigenous community.

Eventually the photos I took as part of the documentation evolved into a separate story of its own. It was not only about poverty or how tough life was, but instead it was more about a story of a community that for all I know was just something I read in college books.

The experience was very humbling and I learned more about other lessons in life. It took me seven months to complete the project and I still have a few photos that could've made the slides.

The main purpose of these photos were to let people know that this ethno-linguistic group of people exists. It also helps preserve the community's culture and heritage."

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