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Ric Caliolio Jr

Ric Caliolio Jr. is an art photographer based in Makati City, Philippines.

His portfolio can be viewed at www.riccalioliojr.com. He also regularly updates his Instagram account - @riccalioliojr


Artist Statement:

"Our daily lives are surrounded by expressions in various forms.

Most of us can, and do, interpret these expressions in a matter of a split-second to come up with an assumption of the emotions and/or intentions behind them.

Consider this sculpture featuring a face with a very ambiguous expression - http://bit.ly/2djVYBt

What do you think is the emotion or intention being expressed here? Is he frowning or smirking? Is he in pain? Maybe he's constipated? Or maybe he is looking at you with disdain?

What I realized is that however we interpret these expressions, those interpretations rarely reveals the real emotions or intentions behind them. Instead, they reveal more of our {self}."

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